The Upper Village of Moenkopi has become a significant component of the Arizona tourism industry. The village is located mid way on the route between the Grand Canyon and Monument Valley, two of the most popular destinations in the western US. The tribal lands of Hopi and cultural experiences have not been key tourism components in the past but that is changing since the development created by MDC. Because the village is located at the western gateway to Hopi at the junction of state route 264 and US 160 (the road to Monument Valley) it is the ideal setting for a tourism hub for Hopi.

The Hopi population on Hopi land is just under 10,000 occupying 2,439 sq. miles and there are approximately 7,000 more Hopi people living elsewhere around the world. The Hopi have 12 villages located in three regions: First Mesa, Second Mesa and Third Mesa. While language, customs and traditions are similar, each village conducts its own ceremonies and has features that are unique from others. Hopi is rich in culture and heritage and MDC has created opportunities for all Hopi to share their culture, their food, their art, and heritage with visitors.

The Moenkopi Legacy Inn & Suites is an award winning hotel with conference facilities. The adjoining Denny’s restaurant is managed for MDC by the largest franchisee in the Denny’s system. The TUUVI Travel Center is a state of the art facility with a Hopi architectural character.

The marketing activities created by MDC to promote tourism have benefitted all Hopi and the state of Arizona in their official tourism marketing.

MDC has taken a leadership role in tourism development in the American Southwest partnering with the INSTITUTE OF AMERICAN INDIAN ARTS to host the national Cultural Tourism Workshop in 2010 & 2012.